Friday, February 17, 2012

Once again: UNIGIS professional attracts practitioners from near and far.

After a very successful last year in terms of student registrations for the UNIGIS professional certificate in Salzburg, the popularity of this application-oriented GIS study program offered by the Centre of Geoinformatics is continuing in 2012.

Most of this year's first group of students attended the introductory workshop a few days ago to 'dive into' an innovative and partly unfamiliar learning environment, and getting to know fellow students and UNIGIS faculty.

The broad range of participants' background domains  indicate the integrative character of spatial information science. Beyond that, a stimulating atmosphere for collaborative learning not only for students, but for the entireUNIGIS community is created by this variety.

Besides this range of domain-specific experience, the geographical distribution of students is remarkable. With participants coming from the very North of Germany as well as from South Tyrol, the Vienna region and Switzerland, the value of a study program exclusively taught online is being successfully demonstrated.

P.S.: The next UNIGIS professional study group starts in May 2012.