Friday, April 26, 2013

Ten Things You Need to Know about UNIGIS

Directions Magazine is offering several special articles in its current 'education week' making for excellent reading. Starting from a podcast discussing recent news and announcements and exploring trends in the geospatial education domain, enquiries about UNIGIS led to a well received brief article about the "Ten Things You Need to Know about UNIGIS".

This in turn leads to interesting discussion of what's unique about UNIGIS, how and why distance learning for in-service professional development evolves compared to more traditional learning pathways, and how lifelong learning cycles might or might not accelerate in the future ... talk about this with your peers!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The winner is ... Christian Hürzeler!

C.Hürzeler - rechts vorne
At the annual seminar of the Munich 'Round Table GIS', MSc and PhD Geoinformatics thesis authors from German, Swiss and Austrian Universities compete for the top thesis award. Today, Christian Hürzeler received the price for 1st place for his thesis titled "Der Preis der Aussicht. Einsatz von 3D-Stadtmodellen und 3D-Sichtbarkeitsanalysen in einem hedonischen Mietpreismodell" (roughly translated, 'Real estate prices and a room with a view. Analyses based on 3D city models and viewsheds in a hedonic model for apartment rental cost.').

Mr Hürzeler is working at the planning office of the City of Zurich, and completed his UNIGIS MSc at the University of Salzburg in the first half of 2012. The full text thesis is available from the UNIGIS Library.

Congratulations to this success reaching well beyond 'just' completing the UNIGIS MSc!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Renewed Intergraph - UNIGIS Agreement

Intergraph since many years has provided Geomedia licenses to UNIGIS students at several partner universities and study centres worldwide. After several corporate changes, this cooperation agreement now has been renewed and includes the options of ERDAS Imagine software for image analysis and photogrammetry. Thanks to Intergraph on students' behalf for this generous support for teaching and learning geospatial methodologies based on current toolsets!

>>> Press release

Thursday, April 4, 2013

The 14th intake of UNIGIS Girona

The 14th intake of UNIGIS Girona has already finished its distance learning program in GIS Management. 57 students from different background (Geography, Engineering, Environmental Science, etc...) and with work experience in different fields (Biology, Topography and Cartography, Earth Science, etc...). Now, 57 professionals in GIS Management!

Forums have become a valuable tool for sharing knowledge and experiences through the commitment and participation of students. From the beginning they have been accompanied by the UNIGIS team that have supported them during the course.

The students also have had the opportunity to enroll in more than 10 training agreements offered by companies and institutions. These agreements allow students approach the professional needs.

The 14th intake is already part of the broad UNIGIS Girona Community with more than 1.000 alumni. They are also part of UNIGIS International Association, making it grow.

Good luck to all of them!