Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Gerhard BELINA - UNIGIS International Fellow

The UNIGIS International Association (UIA) is proud to announce the honors award of "UNIGIS International Fellow", a distinction for UNIGIS faculty with an outstanding role on an international level within UNIGIS. This distinction of excellence is awarded to Mr. Gerhard Belina, Senior Consultant and Lecturer. His merits are in the area of high level consulting, learning materials development and instruction for German, English and Spanish language UNIGIS learning materials. He has been serving as a UNIGIS instructor in the areas of DBMS, distributed architectures etc., and is a lecturer for the same subjects at the University of Salzburg and FH Carinthia. After his studies in Innsbruck, Salzburg and San Diego he had a distinguished career with Intergraph and now is an independent consultant working primarily with European and other international institutions. Congratulations!

In previous years this distinction was awarded to: Charles Burnett (2004), Wayne Forsythe (2005), Peter Zeil (2005), Nigel Trodd (2005), Nikolaus Strobel (2005) and Prof. Mohamed Aziz (2006).