Monday, January 18, 2010

Career Orientation for UNIGIS Noida Students

The current UNIGIS Postgraduate Diploma in Geoinformatics (UNIGIS professional) students at the GIS Institute Noida met for a workshop with Prof. Josef Strobl and Dr. Shahnawaz on January 18th. Course coordinator Anshu Miglani was proud to introduce all 34 participants and concluded that "students now have a much clearer picture how to focus their career development efforts, combining their personal strengths with the highly regarded UNIGIS qualification". In addition, the workshop introduced the concept of real time Geoinformatics, spawning lively discussions beyond the scheduled end of the event.

GISociety - Chandigarh Lecture

UNIGIS was introduced to the Indian Society for Remote Sensing at a public lecture on "Managing our Societies with GIS&T" by UNIGIS Chair Josef Strobl on June 16 at SASE (Snow and Avalanche Study Establishment) in Chandigarh. This lecture was part of a workshop with the first group of UNIGIS MSc students at Panjab University (PU). Prof. Surya Kant, PU UNIGIS coordinator states: "we are proud to work with outstanding postgraduate students from a range of professions, and looking forward to significantly expanding the joint MSc programme with the University of Salzburg in the near future".

Thursday, January 14, 2010

MSc class of 2010 - Salzburg

With the beginning of 2010 this year's class of (German language) MSc students at the University of Salzburg has launched with 50 participants aiming at graduating with an MSc in Geographic Information Science & Systems. They will meet in Salzburg for their first residential workshop Feb. 4-6, and already have started their online coursework. The UNIGIS postgraduate distance learning programme continues to be the most successful and most widely recognized continuing education qualification for GIS professionals worldwide.