Sunday, June 28, 2015

AGIT / GI_Forum - annual UNIGIS meeting place!

Staying up-to-date professionally requires a focus on two things: following new developments in geospatial technologies and methods, and to be well connected in a network of  peers.

Both objectives are well supported through our annual pair of conferences, AGIT and the English language GI_Forum. Outstanding keynotes provide inspiration and perspective. With a rich program of workshops, paper presentations and tutorials, the choices of relevant and timely continuing education offerings sometimes are hard, but rewarding. The presence of UNIGIS alumni from all over the world, and from every vintage provides an excellent opportunity to enhance one's network, of course assisted by a diversity of social events - to mention only the dedicated Club UNIGIS Come2gether: July 9th, 1pm!

Perhaps even more importantly, these conferences are THE chance to re-connect with the UNIGIS teaching and organisational teams, to jointly develop new ideas - or just to stay in touch. Whatever anyone specifically has in mind, we are keen to say 'hello' and look forward to meeting our not-so-old and even-younger graduates and students again in Salzburg!