Monday, February 2, 2015

UNIGIS Professional Intro-Workshop: Space as Common Denominator

There is probably rarely any domain that does not work spatially, either implicitly or explicitly. Need a proof for this hypothesis? Visit a UNIGIS Professional introductory workshop such as the one that took place last weekend in Salzburg.
We welcomed students from Germany, Switzerland and Austria who all want to enhance their geospatial knowledge and skills in order to gain benefits in their respective domains and take the next step in their career.

Once again it was fascinating to witness the key role of spatial information in very different application contexts. From facility planning to archeology, from urban development to natural hazard prevention, from academia to public administration - these are in fact disciplines that rely on strong methodological competence and practical skills.
Within the next months we will equip our new students with up-to-date insights into geoinformatics and guide them through the most important concepts of spatial modeling and analysis. Finally we expect to release them as active and competent GIS users and contributors to our highly active alumni network.
For now, we all wish a great start into the first module!