Tuesday, February 24, 2015

MSc Thesis - A Winner!

At the 'Münchner GI-Runde 2015' annual conference and awards in Munich - a leading geospatial venue for the German language community - UNIGIS graduates over the years have built a strong reputation for excellence and innovative ideas.

This was continued by Christoph Schlacher (Graz), winning this year's top price among master theses with the research he had submitted for his UNIGIS MSc: "Die Vorläufige Bewertung des Hochwasserrisikos - Alternative Ermittlung der Betroffenen in Überflutungsflächen mittels räumlicher Disaggregation" (~ 'assessment of flood risk - determining population within flood zones through spatial disaggregation').

Congratulations Mr. Schlacher to this outstanding success and recognition of excellent academic work!

The strong showing of Z_GIS alumni at this event was rounded off by Ingrid Schardinger taking top honours in the PhD category. These successes will certainly stimulate ambitions and serve as role models for current and future students in our graduate Geoinformatics programmes!