Thursday, April 14, 2016

Summer School opportunity: Smart Cities

21 - 29 August 2016 at TU Wien

The concept of Smart City is promising: The European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities highlights the opportunities to link and upgrade infrastructures, technologies and services in key urban sectors (transport, buildings, energy, ICT) in a smart way [that] will improve quality of life, economic competitiveness and sustainability of cities. Such conceptions present Smart City-solutions as mainly technology driven utopian visions of societal transformation while blurring the multitude of social decisions made in technology development which fundamentally shape the kinds of social transformations possible in urban life.

The Summer School brings together scholars from diverse disciplines including technical, economic, political, environmental and social disciplines to explore new sets of relationships between (a) society and technology and (b) people and data entailed in the Smart City vision and to contribute to a better understanding of processes transforming urban spaces

More information:

Target group:
The Summer School invites excellent and interested advanced Master and PhD-students working in the field of Smart City. We seek participation from diverse disciplines including Urban Studies, Urban Planning, Sociology, Innovation Studies, informatics and other ICT/urban Informatics related areas.

Upon the successful completion of summer schools ECTS could be awarded towards the Elective subject, both for MSc and UNIGIS professional study programmes.
How to apply:
a) Letter of motivation with a brief description of the research topic, max. 3 pages;
b) Comprehensive CV; 
c) Letter of recommendation from supervisor.

Please send the application until May 31th to