Tuesday, January 12, 2016

New Board UNIGIS International Association installed

UIA Board members 2016:
Jasper Dekkers, Gemma Boix,
Graham Smith, Jacek Kozak,
Josef Strobl
The UNIGIS International Association has a new composition of its board. Dr. Jasper Dekkers, already a board member in his role as treasurer, is the new chair of the UNIGIS International Association (UIA). Jasper is affiliated with UIA through UNIGIS Amsterdam, offered by VU University Amsterdam in The Netherlands.

Former Chair Professor Josef Strobl (UNIGIS Salzburg) is now general board member, responsible for partnerships within UIA. Professor Jacek Kozak (UNIGIS Krakow) is UIA's new treasurer. Gemma Boix (UNIGIS Girona) is responsible for all UIA marketing matters and Graham Smith (UNIGIS UK) is also a general board member.

The focus for this year's board activities will be to strengthen and update UIA's online presence and to encourage exchange of the body of knowledge present within the UNIGIS partner network. UIA is the coordinating body for all 13 member universities and 12 study centers. UIA facilitates cooperation among its members in research, curriculum developments, promotion and partnerships.

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