Monday, October 21, 2013

Starting in Salzburg, 18 (future) GI-professionals will make their way!

Last weekend was a perfect start. A start not just into a year of demanding coursework, but also a start to advance careers by acquiring a comprehensive set of skills and competences in applied Geoinformatics.  After finishing their UNIGIS professional studies, our new group of 18 committed people with backgrounds in Archeology, Botany, Geography, Geology, Ecology, Forestry, Landscape Architecture and Surveying will be able to make out more of their spatial data. 

They all  will know how to use of GIS and related technologies to acquire, model, distribute and analyze geolocated data, how to derive meaningful information from it and how to communicate this information to others by means of clear and easy to understand maps and visualizations. Since spatial is special, having competence in “spatial” is special in the job market as well. A look into the careers of numerous UNIGIS alumni provides proof enough. We from the UNIGIS Salzburg team will try our best to support our new students along their individual learning paths and wish a successful year of study!