Saturday, July 20, 2013

Int'l Journal of Geoinformatics: Special UNIGIS Issue

The UNIGIS special issue in the International Journal of Geoinformatics now has been published. In this journal edition, UNIGIS graduates and teachers from a mix of UNIGIS partner institutions worldwide have contributed current research articles - demonstrating the link between creating new knowledge through research, and conveying current knowledge through education.

As the content is available via open access, you are encouraged to register and peruse this issue online via the following URL (registration is required):

Special thanks for making this publication possible are due to Dr Shahnawaz as issue editor, and to Dr Nitin Kumar Tripathi as the editor-in-chief!

See below for Table of Contents :
Vol 9, No 2, (2013)

  • UNIGIS Online Distance Learning Towards International GIScience Qualifications - Shahnawaz S.
  • Accuracy of SRTM-X and ASTER Elevation Data and its Influence on Topographical and Hydrological Modeling: Case Study of the Pieniny Mts. in Poland - Czubski K. 
  • Modelling the Spatial Invasive Range of Heracleum mantegazzianum in Europe - Wallentin G 
  • Social Media Location Intelligence: The Next Privacy Battle - An ArcGIS add-in and Analysis of Geospatial Data Collected from - Weidemann C. 
  • The Effect of ACRC on the Results of Cartographic Classification Depending on Spatial Autocorrelation - Loidl M. 
  • Land-cover change in Goa– An Integrated RS – GIS Approach - Kotha M. 
  • Multi-Criteria GIS Analysis and Geo-Visualisation of the Overlap of Oil Impacts and Ecosystem Services in the Western Amazon - Zurita Arthos L. 
  • Slum Modelling by using Ontology and Geoinformatics: Case study of Gulbarga - Shekhar S. 
  • Modeling of Continuous Fields: Coverage Mapping Based on Dynamic In-situ WLAN Measurements - Kapser J. 

ISSN: 16866576