Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Successfully started: UNIGIS Professional May 2013

Fourteen highly motivated UNIGIS professional students have recently met in Salzburg for their introductory workshop.
Yes, of course, all the organizational issues were discussed, core modules as well as optional modules presented and several tipps for software handling communicated. BUT, actually the most important agenda items were the coffee breaks and the dinner. Why? Simply because getting to know each other is critical for every day communication during the whole UNIGIS study.
We see an efficient communication as the key for successful study results and moreover, communicating about UNIGIS helps to keep the motivation high.
Motivation is needed for what lies ahead, but all students exactly know how and why they will benefit from the course. Geographers who want to enlarge their set of methods and tools, planners who need to tackle their problems more efficiently, data base administrators who add the spatial dimension to their systems or archeologists who want to gain from technical advantages. No matter what's the home domain, GIS will help to make a better job! ... that's why it is definitely worth to work hard the next year. But as every student knows at least since the workshop, nobody has to work alone.