Friday, February 22, 2013

UNIGIS Kraków 2013 – 10th intake

The already 10th intake of UNIGIS students in Kraków has started its distance learning program in GIS&T. These students joined more than 200 UNIGIS distance learners at the Jagiellonian University, who during these ten years decided to broaden their GIS&T professional qualifications and skills. The 2013 group is rather young with the majority of students born in the 80ties, male-dominated (80%) and with a prevailing engineering education background (forestry, geodesy and cartography, spatial management).

To establish good relations within the learning group and with instructors and organizers of studies, the new students attended a two-day kick-off workshop. They had a lot of possibilities for getting to know each other, to present themselves, to discuss and to enjoy common meals. They also got to know some of the UNIGIS Kraków graduates, who were awarded their diplomas during the workshop. We wish our new students to achieve their goals at the end of their two-year UNIGIS journey!