Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Science for Sustainability

UNIGIS alumni (and other) doctoral students might be interested in this International Scientific Conference for PhD Students to be held at the University of West Hungary - Győr, Hungary, March 19-20, 2013

 Talentum Project TÁMOP 4.2.2.B-10/1-2010-0018

See more at : www.nymetalentum.hu/phdconf

As a part of its talent management program, the University of West Hungary is organizing an international PhD conference in order to provide an opportunity for Hungarian and foreign PhD students to exchange views in the presence of distinguished academics and researchers from several disciplines.

Target audience: Hungarian and foreign PhD students.

The scientific hosts of the program are the six Doctoral Schools of the University of West Hungary, which announce symposia in the following disciplines and fields:
  • Environmental Sciences: Bioenvironmental sciences, Geoenvironmental sciences, Environmental pedagogy, Geoinformatics; 
  • Forestry and Wildlife Management: Ecology and diversity of forest ecosystems, Biological basis of forest management, Forest assets management, Forest machinery, Wildlife management, Nature conservation; 
  • Crop Production and Horticulture: Microorganisms in the crop-soil system, Precision agriculture: production-oriented integration of crop protection and crop treatment methods, Development of crop production technologies; 
  • Animal Husbandry: Animal breeding and management, Animal nutrition, Animal product processing and quality assurance, Energy-efficient and quality-preserving dehydration, storage and processing of biological materials, Economic aspects of animal agriculture; 
  • Wood Sciences and Technologies: Wood science, Wood processing technologies, Wood structures, Pulp and fiber technology, Informatics and management in the wood industry; 
  • Business and Management: Public economics, Marketing, International economics, Business economics and management, Social and economic contexts of human resources. 
Form of presentations: oral or poster. Attendance of the professional program at the conference is free of charge. Language(s): English is the official language of the conference. Simultaneous English/Hungarian interpretation will be provided for the plenary session. Official language of the sections: English.