Sunday, November 27, 2011

2012 - Year of Career Advancement?!

Getting closer to the New Year means looking and planning ahead - what do I want to achieve as an individual, professionally, and in my career? For many of us this means further developing our competences and capacities, to continue our education and make sure to stay 'ahead of the pack'!

As Geoinformatics professionals, or with the ambition to establish ourselves in this rapidly growing and 'future-proof' discipline, this might mean to consider postgraduate studies. Not only because 'geospatial' is expanding as a job market, but also because there is rapid advancement and change in technologies: continuously 'updating ourselves' is more important than ever. The University of Salzburg UNIGIS program is a highly regarded and well proven academic qualification program for students and geospatial professionals worldwide.
For everybody considering the German language MSc program, this is the 'last call' to register for the 2012 class starting in early January. Candidates for English language courses are invited to apply for admission at one of the worldwide partner universities or study centres. At a time where 'life-long learning' is critically important for our future, continuing education is the perfect New Year's resolution!