Monday, July 11, 2011

UIA Academic Excellence Prize – Award Ceremony

Two of the UNIGIS Academic Excellence Prize 2010 winners - Eva Willersley (UNIGIS Manchester) and Hans-Jörg Stark (UNIGIS Salzburg) presented their top quality MSc theses at the GI_Forum 2011 in Salzburg.

The thesis from Eva Willersley titled “Methods of extracting a coastline from satellite imagery and assessing the accuracy” was considered as the best UNIGIS thesis in 2010. Hans-Jörg Stark presented another winning thesis titled "Quality assurance of crowdsourced geocoded address-data within OpenAddresses - Concepts and Implementation".

After presentation at the GI_Forum they were publicly awarded with the trophy by UNIGIS International chair Josef Strobl in recognition of their work and the academic achievement. Congratulations!

The competition for the 2011 Prize is currently open. All UNIGIS partner universities worldwide are encouraged to take part in the competition.